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At PE Shows, LLC we offer a variety of guns and accessories from multiple local vendors.

We are based in Northern Colorado, and we cover areas that include Greeley, Longmont, and Castle Rock. For more than 10 years, we have put on a quality, local gun show for families to come and enjoy, and there is even the chance to view private collections from people at the show! Some of our featured products we show include guns for sports, guns for personal protection, ammo and magazines, and weapon accessories. Read below to find out more about our featured products at our gun shows. Sign up to see all of our products at the next show!

Guns for Sport

Shooting sports started in European countries hundreds of years ago but have been quite popular in the United States for quite some time now. Because shooting involves precise skills in accuracy, control, and speed it is essential to handle a gun you are comfortable with and one that’s appropriate for your sport. There are a few different guns that are used for different competitions, including rifles, pistols, and shotguns. When it comes to target shooting, many people enjoy this activity because there is something for everyone. Whether you reside in a city or the suburbs, you can practice this sport as you please.

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Guns for Personal Protection

There are many reasons people choose to have guns for personal protection and it can include saving your life, protecting others, and preventing a robbery. In the United States, it is a bit easier to own a gun compared to other countries and this makes it more accessible for people to protect themselves and prevent crimes from occurring. No matter the reason you choose to own a gun, it is critical you have the proper training so you know how to handle your gun safely.

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Ammo and Magazines

PE Shows provides only the best ammo for your weapons and we care about quality above all! Regardless of the gun you are looking to buy, sell, or trade, we provide the ammo you need for your convenience. Additionally, the magazines we sell are a helpful and entertaining resource for all the guns and accessories we showcase at our shows. We are eager for you to visit our next show so that you can check out the ammo for yourself and see what suits your needs best!

Weapon Accessories

Our weapon accessories include knives, optics, cases, military surplus, body armor, self-defense products, and much more! We are proud to offer a variety of accessories for our local attendees, and all of our local vendors are happy to discuss and share what they have to offer. All of our featured products are sure to impress you and your family, and we are confident that what we have to offer is of superior quality. Our military surplus includes products such as helmets, spare parts, and more that are no longer needed and available to civilians. Additionally, our self-defense products range from pepper spray to tactical knives, and you are sure to find what you are looking for!

PE Shows, LLC is proud to offer featured products ranging from guns for personal protection to weapon accessories such as body armor and knives. We have been putting on our Colorado gun show for more than a decade, and we want all of our attendees to have a wonderful, family-friendly experience with us. We are excited to have you join our next show! Learn about our vendor info here.