Beginner's Guide to Pheasant Hunting

Beginner's Guide to Pheasant Hunting

Throughout many midwestern and northern states, and even the eastern plains of Colorado, pheasant hunting is very popular and also serves as a great introduction to the world of upland bird hunting. If you’re interested in pursuing bird hunting, here are some helpful tips to get you started from the experts here at PE Shows, Colorado’s premier gun show!


Learn to Keep the Noise Down

When it comes to hunting of any kind, it’s important to be aware of the amount of noise you’re making. Something as simple as the loud closing of a truck door can alert animals to your presence and send them scattering. Pheasants actually have remarkably good hearing and will head for cover if they feel threatened. Try to always speak softly, use hand signals, and close doors as quietly as possible.


It’s Okay to Take Your Time

Particularly for beginners, it can be tempting to be impatient when it comes to hunting. When you move too quickly, pheasants will often simply circle behind you and into safety. A better approach is to quietly work through cover in a zig-zag and to pause frequently — this method can cause birds to lose confidence and take flight.


Don’t Forget to Hunt the Edges

Throughout the day, pheasants will move from spot to spot. These movements mean that they’ll often stick to the edges of a habitat, like fence lines and ditches. These transitory areas between habitats are great places to track down your upland target!


Early Isn’t Necessarily the Best Time to Hunt

While an early morning hunt can be satisfying, it isn’t always the best time to track down pheasants. The late afternoon can be a great time to hunt, as this is the best time of the day that pheasants are doing some hunting of their own. You’ll often find that pheasants move out of their heavy cover in the last hour of daylight and into more open spaces as they try to secure a meal before night falls. Take advantage of these opportunities!

Before you head out for your pheasant hunt, you’ll need the right hunting firearm for the job! Visit PE Shows gun shows in Colorado to speak with hunting experts and other enthusiasts to find the right upland bird shotgun for you. We look forward to seeing you, and happy hunting!

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