4 Types Of Guns You Can Find At A Gun Show

4 Types Of Guns You Can Find At A Gun Show

As a fan of firearms, you know there isn’t a better place to get your fill of guns than at Northern Colorado gun shows, like those hosted by PE Shows. From firearms to ammunition, you’ll find dealers and gun show vendors buying, selling, and trading all your favorites. But if you’ve never attended a gun show before, you might be wondering what types of guns you can find. Read on as we explain, then contact us for information regarding Colorado gun shows this weekend.


Hunting Rifles

Among the most popular firearms at a gun and knife show are hunting rifles. Whether you like to hunt elk or bears, a hunting rifle is the best type of gun for hunting because it has a longer barrel, making it more accurate over long distances. Many hunting rifles have scope attachments for this purpose, too.



If you’re looking for the perfect self-defense firearm or are interested in concealed carrying, a handgun is the right choice. You’ll find plenty of revolvers and semi-automatics at our family-friendly gun shows, making it easy to get exactly what you’re looking for. PE Shows also hosts a concealed carry class, allowing you to carry your concealed handgun in up to 30 U.S. states.



Do you want a firearm that works for hunting and defending your home? Check out the shotguns our gun show vendors have to offer. Shotguns are versatile for several different uses because they typically have interchangeable barrels.


Assault Rifles

If you’re interested in military-style firearms, assault rifles from our gun and knife shows are right up your alley. An assault rifle is a semi-automatic gun originally designed for the military and law enforcement, but many gun owners enjoy having one on hand for home defense and taking to shooting ranges.

No matter what type of guns you like, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at a gun show hosted by PE Shows. Browse our upcoming Colorado gun shows this weekend, and contact us for more details!

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