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At PE Shows, LLC, we are committed to the safety of our guns and products for all of our local attendees throughout Northern Colorado. We care about the quality of our Colorado gun show, and all our vendors come together in one location to buy, sell, and trade. We have been putting on our shows for more than 10 years, and we have a guide to gun safety below. Explore and compare the safety features of our guns and products at our next show.


Owning a gun is a huge responsibility, and as a gun owner, it is your duty to ensure that you are always practicing gun safety. Whether you are taking our concealed carry class in Colorado or simply handling a firearm at home, there are always safety protocols that should be followed.

PE Shows LLC puts on quality local gun show events in the Northern Colorado Region and has been doing so for more than ten years. We believe it's important to educate gun owners on safety protocols and best practices. In this blog post, we will be discussing the ultimate guide to gun safety.


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